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Main features of Jiuwen licking brick:
2020-04-12 10:37:43

1、 Safety and environmental protection (5d): low emission, low nitrite, low heavy metal, low antibiotic (zero content), low licking food (1 brick, 3 sheep can lick for more than 1000 days, 1 cow can lick for more than 100 days). 

 cow sheep lick brick

 cow sheep lick brick

2、 Reasonable hardness and precise supplement. Ensure that there is no looseness and waste in the process of licking, ensure that animals can lick the necessary amount of nutrition, and prevent poisoning caused by excessive licking of sodium chloride and other elements. 

3、 Gold ratio, top secret formula. The formula has obtained the national invention patent. Patent No.: zl201210033565.0, the quality of patented products is unique in China.. 

4、 Adjust measures to local conditions. Licking bricks is a necessity for ruminants. However, the demand of different areas is quite different. For example, Enshi in Hubei Province and Xiangxi in Hunan Province belong to high selenium areas, and the products sold to these areas need to control the selenium content. 

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