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  • Methods of raising cattle and sheep

    2020-04-16 14:29:45
  • Scientific use of cattle and sheep licking brick has good effect

    2020-04-13 10:37:30
    It is not the key to feed cattle and sheep in the process of feeding. Selenium, zinc and other trace elements are the most important. In summer, farmers can use natural forage resources, desert grassland, plant straw and so on to raise cattle and sheep. If we supplement the sheep, it will increase the cost of breeding, which is unreasonable and uneconomical.
  • Main features of Jiuwen licking brick:

    2020-04-12 10:37:43
    Safety and environmental protection (5d): low emission, low nitrite, low heavy metal, low antibiotic (zero content), low licking food (1 brick, 3 sheep can lick for more than 1000 days, 1 cow can lick for more than 100 days). Reasonable hardness and precise supplement. Ensure that there is no looseness and waste in the process of licking
  • Control methods of five diseases of sheep in spring

    2020-04-10 10:37:55
    The cold in early spring suddenly turns warm and cold. The weather is changeable. The sheep are only hot and cold. It is easy to have a cold. For sick sheep, 5-10 ml aminopyrine, 1.6 million international units penicillin and 500000 international units streptomycin can be intramuscularly injected; 100g ginger and 2 shallots can be used to cut and boil soup, and 50g-100g brown sugar can be added into the soup, twice a day for two days.
  • Jiuwen lick brick songs

    2020-03-31 18:12:13
    There are ways to breed cattle and sheep, and it's a secret to promote rumination; Nine stable licking brick is a treasure, safe, efficient and environmental protection; Not afraid of the cold and summer tide, good appetite for licking, fattening and milk production, and no fat loss in winter;
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