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  • "Five essentials" in winter

    2020-04-16 14:38:36
    Scientific grazing. In winter, the climate is cold and the wind and snow are frequent. When grazing, we should choose Xiangyang flat beach with low terrain and surrounded by mountains, and do not walk too far, so that we can return to the circle in time when the weather changes suddenly. At the same time, the dry season is long in winter and the grassland is often insufficient,
  • Jiuwen brand environmental protection products

    2020-04-01 18:04:33
    Jiuwen brand lick brick is a high-quality cattle and sheep lick brick independently developed by our company. It has obtained the national invention patent (Patent No.: zl201210033565.0). It is the only domestic lick brick product that can replace and surpass the imported lick brick so far. It has a high influence at home and abroad and is generally recognized by users. Some medium and large-scale pastures in China have used our company's licking bricks for many years
  • Diversified mode of dairy farming community

    2020-03-31 17:58:07
    Dairy farming has gone through the process of "family owned farming" and "company + farmer", and the degree of dairy industrialization has been constantly improved. However, the scientific and technological content of dairy farming is not high, the labor productivity is low, the quality of raw milk is difficult to guarantee
  • Wide application of licking brick

    2020-03-31 14:43:19
    Licking brick is a kind of feed that can be licked by cattle and sheep by processing the nutrients needed by cattle and sheep into blocks through scientific formula. Its shapes are different, some are cylindrical, some are rectangular, square and so on. Also known as block compound additive, usually referred to as "Lick Block" or "lick brick". Both theory and practice show that licking brick can obviously improve the health status of cattle and sheep,...
  • The function of cattle and sheep licking brick

    2020-03-26 14:14:00
    Licking brick is a kind of feed which is made of nutritive substance needed by cattle and sheep through scientific formula and processing technology to be licked by cattle and sheep. Licking brick is a simple and effective way to supplement mineral elements, non protein nitrogen, soluble sugar and other nutrients to cattle and sheep, which has been widely used in animal husbandry production in developed countries.
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