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  • Selection and application of additives for sheep

    2020-04-01 14:51:16
    Nutritional additives: mainly include non protein nitrogen additives, amino acid additives, mineral microelement additives and vitamin additives. It is mainly to supplement or balance necessary nutrition and maintain normal physiological activities. Sheep lick brick, such as sheep compound premix sold on the market, contains these ingredients. Sheep lick bricks, and grazing sheep can obtain such components from forage grass. In recent years, due to the increase in the number of livestock raised in the grassland and the requirement of rapid supply of livestock products, ...
  • Why do cattle and sheep need licking bricks

    2020-03-31 14:48:48
    Because cattle and sheep are ruminants, we know that ruminants have four stomachs: rumen, net stomach, flap stomach and Zou stomach. Rumen, like rumen, is a huge fermenter, and also a warehouse for storing grass. When cattle and sheep graze in the wild, they eat the grass into rumen. At night, when they go back to rest, they return the grass in rumen to their mouth, and use their teeth for mechanization In order to ferment in the rumen under the action of ciliates. In this process, we call it "rumination",...
  • Lick brick Main performance

    2020-03-30 14:45:30
    In the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries, lick brick products have developed from simple "molasses urea lick brick" to a series of products suitable for different cattle and sheep varieties, different uses and different feeding modes. Japanese all pharmaceutical company has developed foot guard lick brick, selenium rich lick brick, E100 lick brick, and micro lick brick.
  • Technical scheme of cattle and sheep licking brick

    2020-03-27 14:16:08
    The key point of the technical scheme for licking bricks of cattle and sheep lies in the production method of natural mineral licking salt bricks: batching, mixing, pressing, natural drying, packaging as finished products. The ingredient is composed of salt, natural mineral licking brick additive and water. The natural mineral licking salt brick contains major elements such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium and chlorine as well as trace elements such as iron, copper, manganese, zinc and selenium.
  • Emergency treatment of common diseases in cattle and sheep grazing

    2020-03-27 14:10:17
    Acute rumen flatulence: excessive holding green, eating dew grass, frost grass, snow grass, ice grass, etc. First aid measures: first find a wooden stick to hold in the mouth, on the tongue, two ends are tied to the left and right ear roots with ropes, then drive the animals to make uphill movement, let the sick animals open their mouths and row, and massage their waist at the same time, which can reduce or relieve the flatulence.
  • Precautions in the use of cattle and sheep licking bricks

    2020-03-26 14:21:56
    The hardness of the licking brick must be moderate, so as to make the licking amount of cattle and sheep within the safe and effective range. If the licking amount of cattle and sheep is too large, it is necessary to increase the proportion of adhesive; if the licking amount of cattle and sheep is too small, it is necessary to increase the filler and reduce the amount of adhesive.
  • The symptoms of rumen accumulation in cattle and how to prevent it

    2020-03-25 14:07:26
    Symptoms: loss of appetite, ruminant, abdominal distention, left full of noise, palpation rumen in the shape of dough, slow recovery of pressure marks by fist compression. The palpation of rumen is soft, the percussion of rumen is half dullness, the peristalsis of rumen is weakened or even completely disappeared. Severe cattle, loss of appetite, dry nose, dyspnea,
  • Precautions for farmers to raise sheep

    2020-03-21 14:34:27
    In the process of raising sheep, in addition to routine vaccine injection, the farmers can take medicine bath after sheep shearing, and use the insect control star in spring and autumn every year. Meanwhile, in order to reduce incidence rate and mortality rate, we should disinfect the grass and ashes in the sheep activity area and the doorway of the enclosure, and isolate the abnormal or the infected sheep.
  • What are the effects of cattle and sheep licking bricks

    2020-03-20 14:26:41
    Summer is coming soon, many farmers may encounter such a problem: the appetite of cattle and sheep is declining, and they are not willing to eat, but if they lick bricks and other pieces of nutrition feed, the effect may be different. Cattle and sheep licking brick is a kind of lump feed which is processed by scientific formula and used by cattle and sheep to lick. It has different shapes, some are cylindrical, some are rectangular, square, etc.
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