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Control methods of five diseases of sheep in spring
2020-04-10 10:37:55

1. The cold in early spring suddenly turns warm and cold. The weather is changeable. The sheep are only hot and cold. It is easy to have a cold. For sick sheep, 5-10 ml aminopyrine, 1.6 million international units penicillin and 500000 international units streptomycin can be intramuscularly injected; 100g ginger and 2 shallots can be used to cut and boil soup, and 50g-100g brown sugar can be added into the soup, twice a day for two days. 


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2. Most diarrhea sheep only eat hay in winter and grass in spring. Their intestines and stomach cannot adapt to it. If they eat more, diarrhea or flatulence will be caused. Prevention and control methods: should be green grass, hay with feeding, can not be a sudden all feed green grass, so that the sheep gastrointestinal gradually adapt to the process, diarrhea can be given to the sheep oral gentamicin. 

3. If the poisonous grass sheep eat the green grass, poisonous wild vegetables and weeds and rotten materials polluted by the pesticide, it will be poisoned. Its symptoms are foaming at the mouth, purplish nose and mouth, and shortness of breath. At this time, emergency rescue should be carried out. First, use a knife to pierce the ear edge of the sheep to make it bleed. Let the mouth of the sheep contain a wooden stick, so that the saliva can get rid of the toxin. Then pour in 5 egg whites and inject 2-5 ml atropine subcutaneously. 

4. Acute flatulence. In spring, there are many green grasses. When sheep graze, they will eat too much, or they will feed hay for a long time in the shed. Sometimes, they will feed too much green grass. After eating, they will ferment in the stomach and produce a lot of gas, which will hinder ruminant and expand the rumen rapidly. If the rescue is not timely or the rescue method is improper, the sheep will die. The rescue method is to find a piece of Chinese toon or willow stick to be held in the mouth of the sheep, bind the two ends to the sheep with ropes, let the sheep chew, and then massage the left noise part with hands to help exhaust. Or use 5 ~ 10 cigarettes to peel the paper and put it into the mouth of the sheep twice. Let the sheep eat it. The sick will recover one hour after eating the cigarette, and the seriously ill will be fed 50 ~ 100 ml vegetable oil one hour later. If it doesn't work, please ask the veterinarian to puncture and deflate. 

5. In spring, when sheep graze or drink pond water or eat dirty grass in low-lying land, they are easy to be infected with parasites inside and outside the body. Therefore, during March to April in spring, they should be treated with insecticides inside and outside the body, such as levamisole, albendazole, and Zerg. In vitro, they can be washed with trichlorfon tablets mixed with warm water, or they can be killed with cypress pine insecticide powder and flea insecticide. 

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