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Yueyang Kangtel Feed Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is located in Yueyang Economic Development Zone, Hunan Province. Founded in 2008, it is a scientific and technological import and export private enterprise specializing in the research and development of herbivore feed. The company has two production lines of licking bricks for cattle and sheep and one production line of compound premix. It has strong technical force, complete testing facilities, and refined product quality according to HACCP quality system Management, one in a hundred, focus on building industry boutiques. The company has been awarded the provincial and municipal "contract abiding and trustworthy unit" for many times, and the "JIuwen brand" trademark has been awarded the famous trademark of Hunan Province.

Jiuwen brand cattle and sheep lick brick is a high-quality and patented product independently developed by our company. It is a domestic product that can replace the imported lick brick. It has a high influence in the domestic lick brick industry and sells well all over the country and overseas markets. It has three characteristics:

1、 High-end: Control the competitive inhibition and synergistic effect of digestion and absorption among elements by using organic and inorganic elements according to the golden ratio, produce according to patented technology, and achieve high level of product quality and use effect.

2、 Environmental protection: It has five advantages, i.e. low emission, low nitrite content, low heavy metal content, low antibiotic content to zero and low licking amount. safety, environmental protection, small amount of licking, no waste and lower cost.

3、Meticulous: the products are subdivided precisely according to animal species, varieties, stages and economic uses, with strong pertinence.

Ruruxin instant milk replacer is another special product of our company. It has good water solubility and can completely replace breast milk. It can not be diluted, weaned and fattened. It is available for both cattle and sheep.

Premix: provide 1%, 5% and 10% compound premixed feed for feed processing enterprises and pastures (including cows, beef cattle, dairy sheep and mutton sheep).

The company will establish strategic partnership with feed processing enterprises and agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises, and the prospect of in-depth integration and development is very broad. More enterprises, entrepreneurs and senior talents are welcome to participate.

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