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As a kind of ruminant feed, licking brick has been used in China for more than 30 years and abroad for a long time. In recent years, it has not been taken seriously, more accurately, it has not been developed and promoted. The main reasons are: first of all, the level of cultivation is low; second, there is a lack of publicity, many people do not know about licking bricks; third, the manufacturing level is limited, the quality of licking bricks can not meet the requirements; fourth, low price and poor quality licking bricks affect people's understanding of the role of licking bricks; of course, there are economic reasons, some people are not willing to invest. All kinds of reasons have seriously restricted the healthy and orderly development of licking bricks.

  Let's analyze why cattle and sheep use licking bricks, while pigs and other animals don't use licking bricks? 

  Because cattle and sheep are ruminants, we know that ruminants have four stomachs: rumen, net stomach, flap stomach and Zou stomach. Rumen, like rumen, is a huge fermenter, and also a warehouse for storing grass. When cattle and sheep graze in the wild, they eat the grass into rumen. At night, when they go back to rest, they return the grass in rumen to their mouth, and use their teeth for mechanization In order to ferment in the rumen under the action of ciliates. In this process, we call it "rumination", and in some places, it is also called "chewing". Ruminant is a special physiological characteristic of ruminant, such as cattle and sheep, which is very important. If ruminant is weakened, dyspepsia and rumen distention will occur, which will endanger life and cause huge economic loss.

  Ruminants like cattle and sheep like to lick. They have the habit of licking, even eating grass by their tongue. By licking with the tongue, it can stimulate the nerve at the end of the tongue and promote rumination. The more licking, the more stimulation, the stronger ruminating ability, the easier digestion, the healthier the cattle and sheep, the more wool, milk and meat they grow, the greater the strength of the cattle, and the higher the farming efficiency. Some customers once used licking bricks to feed bullfights and won the first prize.

  Foreign experts of cattle and sheep, when raising cattle and sheep in the shed, found that the paint on the wall of the shed was licked by cattle and sheep. After expert analysis, it was found that the paint contained many mineral elements, among which salt was the most familiar and cheapest one. So people have been used to feeding salt to cattle and sheep. According to the characteristics and needs of cattle and sheep, foreign experts have developed licking bricks for cattle and sheep. As a result, the cattle and sheep who used to lick the bricks no longer licked the walls, but liked to lick the bricks. In the aspect of long speed, fur appearance, fatness, health and output have been greatly improved, so licking bricks of cattle and sheep are very popular in the developed countries of animal husbandry.

  Although licking bricks have been used in China for many years, it is more difficult to make licking bricks. Many scientific research institutions and enterprises have to give up licking bricks halfway. Due to the unreasonable formula, the appearance, texture, compactness, damage resistance, moisture resistance and water-proof of licking bricks produced by a few manufacturers can not meet the requirements, which not only fails to achieve the desired effect of licking bricks, but also causes economic losses to herdsmen. So, the place that used inferior lick brick, to lick brick to have no good answer elephant, again good lick brick also dare not to use. 

At present, there are 5kg licking bricks with a weight of less than 10 yuan in the market. Their ingredients are just salt, which means they can only be used as salt. Of course, they can promote rumination of cattle and sheep through licking. 

  Now science has confirmed that there are dozens of mineral elements needed by cattle and sheep. We should choose good lick brick products to maximize the benefits of scientific, standardized, intensive and harmless sustainable development of cattle and sheep breeding. So what is a good licking brick? 

First, look at the appearance. Good licking brick products, appearance: square, with round holes in the middle. This kind of product has complex production process and high requirements for technology and equipment, which proves that the production enterprise has the strength, is not easy to be damaged and convenient to transport. Generally, 5kg is the most reasonable weight. Round cakes and cylindrical licking bricks are much easier to make even if they have round holes.

  Second, look at the origin. As we all know, the biggest problem of licking bricks is the problem of dampness and damage. The air humidity in the north is small. When the licking bricks are produced to the south, the humidity in the south is quite high and they are easy to be affected with damp. Once they are affected with damp, they are easy to be damaged and cause losses. In places with high air humidity in the south, such as Dongting Lake, where the annual average air humidity is more than 80%, the humidity resistance of licking brick production will be much stronger.

  Third, look at the density. That's what we call hardness. Some people say that the harder the brick is, the better it can be licked for a long time. Some people also boast: "it's so good that one cow can lick one brick for more than one year!" In fact, it's not good, it's a misunderstanding. Because the purpose of licking brick is: on the one hand, it is necessary to lick cattle and sheep, on the other hand, it provides a certain amount of nutrients for cattle and sheep every day. This nutrient must reach a certain amount to play a role, or to play a maximum role. A 5kg lick brick for a cow to lick for a year. The amount of lick is less than 14g per day. Cattle and sheep need so many common elements, microelements, rare elements and many other ingredients. It's definitely not enough to say that it works well. It's a boast! The reasonable licking amount is: a 5kg licking brick, a cow licking for about 3 months, a sheep licking for about a year, which is scientific, effective and reasonable.

  Fourth, look at the price. The price can basically reflect the general quality of a product. Generally speaking, a few yuan a lick brick, its product quality is very good, I think it is unlikely. I suggest that since we speak of science and believe in science, we should use scientific land, use scientific products, breed scientifically and select good products to achieve good benefits and maximize the benefits

  Fifth, look at brand and reputation. Lick brick brand can be searched from the Internet, look at the company's situation, and then confirm, at least have a good idea. The company's information can be inquired from the website of the local industry and Commerce Department. Generally more formal enterprises can be found on the Internet. Chinese people have the habit of worshiping foreign countries. In fact, compared with the imported licking bricks and the domestic licking bricks, the feeding effect is the best persuasion. A good domestic lick brick, it is more suitable for China's national conditions, not necessarily better than imported lick brick!

  Sixth, service and quality. Feeding effect is the best persuasion. We'll try and see.

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