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    Baby cattle lick brick

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Main ingredients:


Co: 75   Cu: 1000   Fe: 1500  Mn: 500    Na:300000   Se: 20   Zn: 1000   Mg: 5000   I: 150   

The main role:

1,Cattle and sheep feed intake increased by 10-20%     

2,Beef cattle or sheep gain increased by 10-25%

3,Increase milk production of dairy cows by about 5-20% 

4,Lactation period and service life of dairy cattle are prolonged by more than 20% 

5,Increase the working efficiency of cattle or sheep by more than 15%

6,Ensure the content of milk protein ≥ 2.9%, significantly improve the quality of dairy products, replace melamine 

7,It contains organic mineral elements with high utilization rate and can produce health milk rich in iron, zinc and selenium

8,Significantly reduce the stress response of dairy cows

9,Enhance the fertility of cattle or sheep and promote the healthy development of fetus

10,Prevention and treatment of pica, such as eating feces, licking urine, etc

11,Reduce the incidence of rickets, osteomalacia, foot rot, hoof split, repeated infertility, abortion, stillbirth, fetal failure, breast hypoplasia, mastitis, postpartum lack of milk, postpartum paralysis, rough fur disorder

1,Fix the licking brick at the place convenient for the cattle to lick, and lick freely

2,Ensure adequate and clean drinking water, Do not lick the broken and loose licking brick directly

Shatter proof, moisture proof, loose proof

Shelf life: 3 years; see outer packing for production date.

Package: 5KG/Brock  5KG×4Brock/Box

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